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Today is August 25, 2016

Open today 10 am–5 pm

Mysteries Concealed in Magical Cloth

For Yorùbá-speaking peoples in West Africa, cloth is equated with their most precious possession, children.

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What Shall We Do Next? / Artist Julien Prévieux

Curatorial assistant A. Will Brown interviews artist Julien Prévieux about his videos What Shall We Do Next? (Sequence #2) and Patterns of Life.

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New Acquistions
Industrial Trust Building Platter

David Allyn
Industrial Trust Building Platter, 2015
Porcelain with screen print
Gift of Joseph A. Chazan, MD 2016.33.2

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Artist on Art / Mary Beth Meehan

Artist Mary Beth Meehan discusses work from her series Seen/Unseen.

RISD Art Circle

Young artists activate the galleries through events, projects, and collaborations

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More than 100 artists, scholars, designers, and students offer their perspectives on objects

Artist Programs

Explore how art and design can provoke fresh ideas and stimulate creativity

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Manual: Assemblage

This issue of Manual pieces together works made out of practical necessity and others that marry dazzling embellishments for optimal effect, examining how history (or one version of it) was (and is) pastiched from disparate sources, how fashionable textile samples were collected, and more (always more).

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