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  • RISDM 66-016-24B v_02

    S. Lévy, manufacturer
    French, 19th century
    Marie Vincent, designer
    French, 19th century
    Nosegay fan, ca. 1898
    Silk with wood sticks
    Length: 19.1 cm (7 1/2 inches)
    Gift of the Estate of Margarethe L. Dwight 66.016.24B

    Work of the Week

    Nosegay fan

  • RISDM 32-245 v_09

    Pail (situla), 530 - 525 BCE
    Height: 27.2 cm (10 11/16 inches)
    Mary B. Jackson Fund 32.245

    Kicking the Bucket in Ancient Etruria

    Why is an Etruscan situla, or pail, one of the most important objects in RISD's ancient collection? We examine its form, decoration, and context to understand its unique place in European archaeology.

  • EXL1.201411 Waltz of the Machine Equestrian - The Machine Equestrians 01

    UuDam Tran Nguyen, still frame from Waltz of the Machine Equestrians—The Machine Equestrians, 2012. © UuDam Tran Nguyen. Courtesy of the artist.

    Interview with artist UuDam Tran Nguyen

    Editor of publications Amy Pickworth, intern Joanna Cortez, and curatorial assistant of contemporary art A. Will Brown interview UuDam Tran Nguyen about his single channel video Waltz of The Machine Equestrians—The Machine Equestrians (2012).

  • _DSC0056

    Marofske’s cast donuts, primarily plaster and gouache (L), and the original rubber donut dog toy (R).

    Work in Process: Marisa Marofske

    The process of mold-making and casting invites creative experimentation, but follows rules of precise timing and size. Artist Marisa Marofske (RISD BFA Painting, 2014) explains the steps involved in casting objects.

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