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  • Made For Eternity

    Ancient Art

    March 15 –December 31, 2013

  • This selection from the Museum’s ancient Egyptian collection presents objects made between 3700 BCE and 250 CE, organized by material: stone, ceramic, Egyptian faience, wood. The craftsmanship indicates that most of these objects once belonged to the upper and middle classes of ancient Egypt, with the more finely made (and thus more desirable) works owned by those of higher status. While the names of the artisans are no longer known to us, the materials they used and the techniques they employed tell us much about artistic practices that endured for many centuries. The quality of the craftsmanship also attests to the care and attention that they lavished on these objects, all of which functioned as important components of a complex system of Egyptian religious beliefs and ritual practices.

    Support for Made for Eternity is provided in part by Shawmut Design & Construction.

Selected objects from Made For Eternity

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