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Agnes Martin, Untitled, ca. 1960, Gift of the Bayard and Harriet K. Ewing Collection

Agnes Martin


Agnes Martin American, 1912-2004
Untitled, ca. 1960
Oil on canvas
30.5 x 30.5 cm (12 x 12 inches)
Gift of the Bayard and Harriet K. Ewing Collection 1993.105.12

In New York during the late 1950s, Agnes Martin began to redefine her abstract style. She moved away from large canvases of airy and subtle geometric forms toward what she considered the pinnacle of her mature work, compositions characterized by fine grids. Untitled marks a transition between these two modes. In this small painting, the variation in the density of the lines enlivens the grid. The presence of Martin’s hand is more conspicuous here than in her later works, where her lines were more uniform and less gestural. Martin remained committed to exploring the square grid, which she valued for its complete abstraction. Although her paintings are associated with simplified Minimalist forms, they are personal and spiritual in feeling.

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