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Dan Flavin, Untitled, ca. 1970, Helen M. Danforth Acquisition Fund

Dan Flavin


Dan Flavin
American, 1933-1966
ca. 1970
Blue and red fluorescent light fixtures
Length: 121.9 cm (48 inches)
Helen M. Danforth Acquisition Fund 2003.14

Dan Flavin, a key figure in the Minimalist sculpture movement that evolved during the 1960s, created geometric works with industrial fluorescent light tubes. Untitled exhibits the pure and unadorned form that is a hallmark of the Minimalist aesthetic. Breaking with the concerns of modernism, which saw art as a wholly visual experience, Minimalism engaged the viewer’s body, sense of space, and surroundings. Here, two fixtures hung diagonally—-a four-foot blue bulb with a two-foot red tube behind it—-cast a haloed diamond of colored light in a room’s corner, thus transforming the space immediately around the object and integrating the gallery’s architecture into the work.

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