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Junichi Arai, Nuno Me Gara (Fabric-patterned Fabric), ca. 1980, Gift of the artist

Junichi Arai

Nuno Me Gara (Fabric-patterned Fabric)

Junichi Arai Japanese, b. 1932
Nuno Me Gara (Fabric-patterned Fabric), ca. 1980
Cotton, wool; doublecloth, jacquard, mechanical high-twist yarns
Length: 297.2 cm (117 inches)
Gift of the artist 1988.040.1

Referring to himself as a textile planner, Arai partners with engineers to create some of the most original fabrics of the twentieth century. An acknowledged master of woven design, Arai creates technically superb fabrics that carry a strong connection to worldwide traditions of handmade cloth. Arai derived Nuno Me Gara from black-and-white photocopies of a scarf tossed onto the bed of a scanner. The scarf itself was an Arai design, based on handmade Ghanaian kente cloth. In Nuno Me Gara, the confusion of interrupted pattern and explosion of scale abstracts the traditional Ghanaian cloth from its ethnic roots and links it to the global language of graphic art.

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