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Richard Long

Mountainside Ellipse

Richard Long English, b. 1945
Mountainside Ellipse, 1999
15.9 x 379.1 x 152.1 cm (6 1/4 x 149 1/4 x 59 7/8 inches)
Richard Brown Baker Fund for Contemporary British Art 2007.107

  • Richard Long’s ongoing series of stone sculptures reflects and extends the lengthy walks he takes alone through landscapes in England and around the world. Composed of stones found in a particular location, in this case the environs of Athens, Long’s sculptures transmit a sense of place and explore the transience of both nature and art. Within a simple geometric contour, irregularly-shaped rocks are placed evenly in a single layer according to instructions provided by the artist. By taking sculpture off the pedestal and putting it within the viewer’s space on the floor, Long encourages a new experience of nature

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