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Richard Long, Mountainside Ellipse, 1999, Richard Brown Baker Fund for Contemporary British Art

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Richard Long

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Mountainside Ellipse

Richard Long English, b. 1945
Mountainside Ellipse, 1999
15.9 x 379.1 x 152.1 cm (6 1/4 x 149 1/4 x 59 7/8 inches)
Richard Brown Baker Fund for Contemporary British Art 2007.107

Richard Long’s ongoing series of stone sculptures reflects and extends the lengthy walks he takes alone through landscapes in England and around the world. Composed of stones found in a particular location, in this case the environs of Athens, Long’s sculptures transmit a sense of place and explore the transience of both nature and art. Within a simple geometric contour, irregularly-shaped rocks are placed evenly in a single layer according to instructions provided by the artist. By taking sculpture off the pedestal and putting it within the viewer’s space on the floor, Long encourages a new experience of nature

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