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Unknown artist, Peruvian; Wari culture, Wari Tunic, ca. 600-850, Mary B. Jackson Fund and Edgar S. Lownes Fund

Peruvian; Wari culture

Wari Tunic

Unknown artist, Peruvian; Wari culture
ca. 600-850
Wari Tunic
Wool and cotton interlocked tapestry weave
Length: 110.5 cm (43 1/2 inches)
Mary B. Jackson Fund and Edgar S. Lownes Fund 40.007

During the Middle Horizon period, the northern Huari state expanded from its base in the highland region of current-day Peru to control the coastal area. As part of this expansion, textiles served the Huari as a means to communicate their particular political systems, religious beliefs, and commercial culture. Tapestry-woven tunics such as this one represent a high point of achievement because they functioned both as clothing for state officials and as high-status burial garments. This fine tunic hung to the wearer’s knees and could have been worn with a loincloth. The motif, often seen in Huari textiles, possibly represents an abstract feline head; the N-shape depicts a mouth and prominent fangs

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