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Unknown artist, Spanish, ca. 1475-1525, Gift of Ugo Jandolo


textile fragments; textile fragment

Unknown artist, Spanish, Spain
ca. 1475-1525
textile fragments; textile fragment
Silk; compound satin weave
Length: 42.6 cm (16 3/4 inches)
Gift of Ugo Jandolo 32.195

With the Muslim invasion of Spain in the early eighth century came sericulture, silk-weaving workshops, and a sophisticated Hispano-Moresque design repertoire that left a lasting mark on Iberian fabric production. This textile fragment, probably woven after Christian reconquest of the region, reflects the artistic heritage of centuries of Islamic rule in Spain (711- 1492). The patterning of this piece, executed in characteristically strong, contrasting colors, exhibits a unique arrangement of elements common to both European Gothic design and royal Islamic workshops. Confronted lions frame a tree of life between scrolling patterns adapted from Islamic calligraphy and architectural arabesques.

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