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Gorham Manufacturing Company, Design for Coffeepot and Creamer H/XF, 1905, Gift of Lenox, Incorporated

Gorham Manufacturing Company Samuel R. Woolley Walter C. Sanders James G. Seton

Design for Coffeepot and Creamer H/XF

Gorham Manufacturing Company American, 1831-
Samuel R. Woolley, metalworker
American, late 19th century -20th century
Walter C. Sanders, chaser (metalworker)
american, 1873-ca. 1930
James G. Seton, chaser (metalworker)
american, 1846-1910
Martele, 1905
Pencil and crayon on paper
47 x 37.5 cm (18 1/2 x 14 13/16 inches)
Gift of Lenox, Incorporated 2005.118.45.2014

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