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Esaias van de Velde I, Frozen Canal before a Farm in Winter, ca. 1628, Anonymous gift

Esaias van de Velde I

Frozen Canal before a Farm in Winter

Esaias van de Velde I
Dutch, 1587-1630
ca. 1628
Frozen Canal before a Farm in Winter
Charcoal, brush and wash on paper
19.2 x 29.4 cm (7 9/16 x 11 9/16 inches)
Anonymous gift 61.075

Like many Dutch artists of the seventeenth century, Esaias van de Velde specialized in naturalistic landscapes without mythological or religious associations, such as this delicate chalk drawing of a Frozen Canal before a Farm in Winter. Choosing a low viewpoint, van de Velde captured the inclement northern weather and bitter cold of the season as he depicted ice skating, a favorite winter pastime, in front of an orderly but aged farm. Scenes of everyday life appealed to van de Velde’s middle-class patrons in the Dutch Republic, who increasingly sought finished drawings as well as paintings for their personal collections.

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