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Francisco Collantes, Hagar and Ishmael, ca. 1640, Gift of Manton B. Metcalf

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Francisco Collantes

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Hagar and Ishmael

Francisco Collantes Spanish, 1599-1656
Hagar and Ishmael, ca. 1640
Oil on canvas
109.2 x 139.1 cm (43 x 54 3/4 inches)
Gift of Manton B. Metcalf 18.096

Francisco Collantes painted large, naturalistic figures but was also one of few 17th century Spanish painters who practiced landscape painting. In the latter he demonstrated familiarity with the contemporary Italian conventions in which protagonists in biblical and historic subjects appeared in landscape settings. His paintings were popular with Spanish collectors and were acquired as decoration for the Buen Retiro palace in Madrid. In Hagar and Ishmael, small expressive figures are set in a wide, luminous landscape in which masses of dark trees contrast with a brilliant sky. The setting dominates the composition, dwarfing and threatening Hagar and her child as they rest on their flight.

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