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Auguste Pignet, Le Palais Royal, 1805-1810, Mary B. Jackson Fund

Auguste Pignet

Le Palais Royal

Auguste Pignet, printer French
Jardin du Palais Royal, 1805-1810
Wood block print on paper
188 x 144.5 cm (74 x 56 7/8 inches)
Mary B. Jackson Fund 34.952

The Royal Palace is from RISD’s Huard collection, one of the world’s finest assemblages of French wallpaper. This fragment belongs to a series depicting idealized gardens at the Royal Palace, Paris. Scenic wallpapers and their convincing illusionistic spaces served two purposes—to represent expensive architectural finishes such as marble or cut stone, or to transport a room’s denizens to exotic locales through mythological scenes and dramatic landscapes. The Royal Palace with its neoclassical obelisk, weeping willow, women in Empire-waist dresses, and Ionic columns appealed especially to Americans, who associated virtue and democracy with the classical style.

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