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Louise-Joséphine Sazarin de Belmont, A View of Paris from the Louvre, 1835, Helen M. Danforth Acquisition Fund

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Louise-Joséphine Sazarin de Belmont

A View of Paris from the Louvre

Louise-Joséphine Sazarin de Belmont
French, 1790 - 1871
A View of Paris from the Louvre
Oil on canvas
119.7 x 162.6 cm (47 1/8 x 64 inches)
Helen M. Danforth Acquisition Fund 1987.056

Luminous, expansive, and meticulously rendered, Louise-Joséphine Sarazin de Belmont’s View of Paris from the Louvre demonstrates both her skill and her unique status in early 19th-century French fine art circles. A student of Pierre Henri de Valenciennes, she was rare among women who submitted works to the official Paris Salon where she received a First Class medal for landscapes exhibited there in 1834. Encouraged to treat nature as equally important as subjects drawn from history, Sarazin de Belmont traveled widely in Italy and in France, seeking inspiration in native forests and heroic landscapes alike. This painting was executed from the Louvre’s Gallery of Apollo, which looks eastward along the Seine. The architecture of the city, its bridges, and quayside activity are complemented by a radiant effect of soft light that sets the tone for this idealized view of Paris.

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