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Sevres Porcelain Manufactory, Service des Arts Industriels, 1835, Gift of Mrs. Gilman Angier, Mr. Alfred Morris, Jr. and Nickerson Stamp Fund

Sevres Porcelain Manufactory Jean Charles Develly Alexandre Brongniart

Service des Arts Industriels

Sevres Porcelain Manufactory, manufacturer
Jean Charles Develly, decorator
French, 1783-1849
Alexandre Brongniart, associated artist/maker
french, 1770-1847
Service des Arts Industriels, 1835
Hard-paste porcelain, enamel decoration, and gilding
21.6 cm (8 1/2 inches) (diameter)
Gift of Mrs. Gilman Angier, Mr. Alfred Morris, Jr. and Nickerson Stamp Fund 84.021

During the 1820s and early 1830s, the French National Porcelain Factory at Sèvres produced a dessert service illustrating artisans at work. France’s last king, Louis-Philippe (reigned 1830 — 1848), purchased the 119-piece Industrial Arts Service and presented it to the Austrian diplomat Prince von Metternich. Pieces from the service, now extremely rare and held in museums around the world, provide valuable references for techniques in a variety of trades—-from women creating artificial flowers to the laborious process of refining sugar, from the manufacture of pastries and hats to that of wallpaper and tapestries. This plate is inscribed ‘Fabrication du Carton’ and shows men flattening and drying heavy pasteboard for the production of boxes.

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