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Alexandre Roux, Cabinet, ca. 1866, Jesse Metcalf Fund

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Alexandre Roux

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Alexandre Roux, cabinetmaker French; American, fl. 1837-1881
Cabinet, ca. 1866
Rosewood, light and dark wood marquetry, ebonized and gilt trim, porcelain, and gilt bronze
111.8 x 130.8 x 48.3 cm (44 x 51 1/2 x 19 inches)
Jesse Metcalf Fund 78.052

This cabinet provided a focal point for a formal drawing room and was probably intended to support bronze or marble statuary. Panels of floral marquetry, gilt bronze capitals and trim, and a painted Sèvres porcelain plaque ornament this lofty piece. Because of its angularity, heavy proportions, and contrasting dark and light woods, this cabinet falls within the Victorian era’s eclectic Renaissance Revival style. American cabinets of this type are attributable to a host of French émigré cabinetmakers in New York City, among them Alexandre Roux, whose label appears on the cabinet’s back.

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