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Asher Brown Durand, Chocorua Peak, 1855, Gift of Providence Art Association

Asher Brown Durand

Chocorua Peak

Asher Brown Durand American, 1796-1886
Chocorua Peak, 1855
Oil on canvas
104.8 x 152.4 cm (41 1/4 x 60 inches)
Gift of Providence Art Association 52.104

Asher B. Durand spent the summer of 1855 in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, staying at North Conway, near Mount Chocorua. It was the first return to the region in many years for this senior and most admired painter of the American landscape. The stark view of Mount Chocorua, a summit known for its sheer precipices, was unusual for Durand, who often enlivened his landscapes with small figures. He also avoided the dramatic potential of weather, concentrating instead on the mountain’s harsh profile. Conscious of the uniqueness of the American landscape, Durand published advice to younger painters that same year. In his “Letters on Landscape Painting,” he urged them to work directly from nature and to “go not abroad” but concentrate instead on indigenous resources and the scenery of their native land.

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