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William Powell Frith, The Salon d’Or, Homburg, 1871, Gift of Mr. Walter Lowry

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William Powell Frith

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The Salon d’Or, Homburg

William Powell Frith English, 1819-1909
The Salon d’Or, Homburg, 1871
Oil on canvas
125.1 x 260.4 cm (49 1/4 x 102 1/2 inches)
Gift of Mr. Walter Lowry 58.162

In 1869, the elegant Salon d’Or at Bad Homburg was about to lose its lease, a fact acknowledged by the painting’s subtitle, which may be translated as “the game is closed … no more bets.” Known for his journalistic accuracy, Frith purchased fittings and furniture from the casino, hired photographers to record its architectural detail, and compiled numerous portrait sketches. Layers of accurate representation, revealing personalities, vices, and fears, permitted Frith’s painting to be read like a popular novel. Authenticity in the mix of social classes, the expressions on the gamblers’ faces, and the details of their costumes also assured the attention of the viewers who flocked to see the painting when it was exhibited at the Royal Academy, London, in 1872.

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