20 North Main St (also enter on 224 Benefit Street) Providence, RI 02903

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February 16, 2014


  • 10 am – 5 pm

    Metcalf Auditorium

    Providence Children's Film Festival

    The Providence Children’s Film Festival offers a full day of family-friendly films for all ages. Visit for the festival’s screening and event schedule, ...

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  • 2:30 – 3 pm

    Benefit Street Entrance

    Art Shots: Illuminated Pasts - Porcelain

    Join Annie Irwin (RISD BFA Textiles 15’) on a journey through time to revisit the making of European Porcelain. This tour highlights Arlene Shechet’s (RISD ...

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  • 3 – 3:30 pm

    Benefit Street Entrance

    Art Shots: Red

    Join Peyton North (RISD BFA Textiles 15’) to explore the adaptable nature of the color red. This tour will look at the use of red ...

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