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September 20, 2013

Office Hours: Beth Brandon on Patterns

  • 09_20 OH Brandon - ergot-on-rye

Photography by Beth Brandon

2 – 4 pm, Contemporary Art Gallery

Part of Locally Made’s One Room.

In Office Hours, artists, designers, experts, and brainiacs take the doors off of their offices and studios. Stop by for conversation or advice.

Like many artists who grew up at the same time computers did, my process has evolved into a particular synthesis of hand and digital rendering. During Office Hours, I’ll set up my typical workstation to demonstrate how I move back and forth between the drawing table, scanner, and computer to put images in repeat. I will bring finished works and some printing equipment to explain how patterns are printed seamlessly.Beth Brandon

Free with museum admission.

Beth Brandon began printing wallpaper in the studios of Brown University, where she earned a B.A. in Visual Art in 2004. Her first wallpaper commissions were completed on two 8 foot folding tables in Atlantic Mills. In 2005, she moved to Philadelphia to complete an Apprenticeship and Print Fellowship at the Fabric Workshop and Museum, where she learned more efficient means of production on four 25 yard-long tables. Beth returned to Providence in 2011 and brought her knowledge of repeat printing to AS220, where she serves as the Industries Membership Coordinator.In her pattern-based work, Beth contemplates the act of repetition - a gesture inherent in meditation, obsession, ritual, practice, and production - and its potential to produce clarity, intricacy, complication, accumulation, mania, boredom, change, music, movement, and mastery.Beth’s wallpaper, drawings, prints, and books have been shown in galleries across the US. At times, her patterns and works on paper furnish environments in which narrative ceremonies or performances take place. Her source material ranges from cat herds to hunting catalogs to ergot poisoning, but she is generally guided by an interest in the mystical and scientific methodologies that provide us with ecological understanding.