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August 28, 2013

Assembly: Performance

  • 08_28 A Gravely - glenna

Photography by Brittany Gravely

12 – 1 pm, Contemporary Art Gallery

Part of Locally Made’s One Room.

In Assembly, gather for casual meetings of the minds and unexpected happenings curated by local artists and designers. Congregate for poetry readings, sonic performances, movement, projection, and more.

Willa Van Nostrand curates Performance from 8/27 - 9/1.
The Assembly Performance curated by Willa Van Nostrand surveys a full spectrum of performance and art ‘happenings’ present in Providence, RI. Each live performance features elements of film projection and manipulation, experimental sound production, composition for classical instrumentation and voice, durational lighting techniques and narrative movement. The public is invited to enjoy unparalleled cross-genre performances by local artists Ken Linehan & Brittany Gravely (Magical Approach), Bevin Kelley, Michael Kelley, Elise Kuder, Marji Gere, Timeghost, Allie Denig, Carlos Gonzalez, Willa & Glenna Van Nostrand and Assembly of Light Choir and explore the critical role of live performance in 21st century visual art.Willa Van Nostrand

8/28: Magical Approach
Conjuring through remote viewing, co-meditation and other methods of telepathic messaging, the Magical Approach makes 16mm films which are further subject to live visual modification, audio enhancement and any other alterations needed in order to fully inhabit and accommodate the specifics of the screening space. Mystical channels guide spectral audio-visions of supernatural play, hypnotic divination and the collective dream space, with a desire to induce a dynamic trance-like state in our awakened audience. — Brittany Gravely & Ken Linehan

Free with museum admission.

Willa Van Nostrand (1987) is a performance artist and curator. Van Nostrand attended the Putney School & received her BA in Experimental Theatre & Improvisation from Sarah Lawrence College in 2009. After spending a year in Florence, Italy studying Slow Food, Cinema and Printmaking, Willa returned to Providence to open World’s Fair, a site-specific gallery located at Machines with Magnets in Pawtucket, RI. She is currently shooting a TV show for NBC & E! in New York City. In 2005, Willa and Glenna Van Nostrand began collaborating on live performance.

Artistically Brittany Gravely has focused primarily on 16mm film for the past several years, but creates works in many media. She graduated in 2001 with an MFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Her films, for which she is writer, director, editor and sound designer include 2001’s Introduction To Living In A Closed System (New York Film Festival, Images, MFA Boston, New York Underground…) and Blood of the Earthworm of 2006 (T.I.E., Black Maria, New York Underground, Antimatter…). She is a central figure in the collaborative Architecture of the Sun who accompany live music while manipulating 16mm projections and have performed in clubs and galleries in New York, Boston and Providence. One of her recent “solo” pieces (2010) was a PowerPoint presentation on the film American Psycho. Currently, she is working on several expanded cinema projects of a more mystical nature in Magical Approach with Providence artist Ken Linehan. Certified in palmistry, she is also a student of herbalism and sells homemade therapeutic herbal concoctions. In her other-hours, she works as the publicist for the Harvard Film Archive in Cambridge, MA.With a focus on sound and audio media, Kenneth Linehan’s recent creative work explores various intermedia spaces through projects including high-resolution digital field recordings, films of snails made with a 16mm Bolex camera, short-run silkscreened images, works of cut paper, electronic & electro-acoustic music and most recently, a series of psychic/cinematic collaborations with film-maker Brittany Gravely and their expanded cinema group Magical Approach.

Having graduated in 2001 with an MFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Kenneth currently holds a position as an instructor at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, where he teaches courses on Audio Recording and Sound Design for Film. He has taught courses on Sound Art at the Rhode Island School of Design and offered audio production workshops at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Over the past decade his installations, printed works, sound experiments and other creative projects have been exhibited at galleries, live music venues and cinematic events such as Apex Art, The Boston Center for the Arts, AS220, Mono No Aware and The Brattle Theatre.