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October 3, 2013

The Artist's Lab: Emmy Bright: 1+1=3 Romantic Logic

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Photography by Emmy Bright

6 – 8 pm, Contemporary Art Gallery

Part of Locally Made’s One Room.

At The Artist’s Lab, become part of the experiment in these drop in labs run by contemporary artists who invite participants to experience their diverse artistic visions.

“Language is a skin: I rub my language against the other. It is as if I had words instead of fingers, or fingers at the tip of my words.” –Roland Barthes. We will find our own romantic logic in the language and images of others. We will source love songs, books, album art, magazines, and letters and match-make these scraps into new personal narratives. Bring old love letters and love images to contribute.Emmy Bright

Free with museum admission.

Emmy Bright is an artist and educator. She makes drawings, diagrams, and prints that combine found text and images redrawn by hand. She keeps a lot of things and learns by seeking out, collecting scraps and figuring out how they go together - especially feelings, images and words. She keeps letters, song lyrics, questions people ask, and quotes from books she’s read. Her studio is filled with boxes, envelopes, and bags of notes and scratches. She works to find sense in these piles. Rather than finding clarity, she finds clouds of relationships, places of resonance, dissonance, and implied narrative. Mostly her work is around loss, language, and socialness. Recently, she has been thinking about the body and language and the sometimes seductive and destructive ways they intertwine. Emmy also works as a professor at RISD and City College New York teaching in their education departments. She is an artist educator for the RISD Museum, and she recently completed a residency working with teens and artists at New Urban Arts. In her teaching, she uses feminist pedagogy and artists’ strategies to create spaces for collaborative learning, personal reflection, making, and research.