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September 22, 2013

Assembly: Entropy — Poetry Set To Music

  • 09_22A Johnson

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12 – 1 pm, Contemporary Art Gallery

Part of Locally Made’s One Room.

In Assembly, gather for casual meetings of the minds and unexpected happenings curated by local artists and designers. Congregate for poetry readings, sonic performances, movement, projection, and more.

Christopher Johnson curates Entropy. Poetry set to music, from 9/17-9/22.

9/22: Christopher Johnson


Known mostly for his constant evolving style Christopher Johnson without complaint, combines the experience discord of his past, the wisdom of now and the hope of the future to give voice to a universal message of human spark that connects us all. Using the intricate combination of academia, hip hop, traditional story telling, theater, and just plain old common sense, Christopher provides a soulful uplifting experience guaranteed to move his audience through several states of equilibrium, challenging the listener to remain in an emotional stagnant state. When asked to describe himself, he uses one word; Entropy. Christopher resides in Providence Rhode Island where he organizes Spoken word events, gives workshops on writing, performing, as well as growth and empowerment through words. He has been an active community member of Brown University’s student spoken word/poetry organization “”Word!”” since since it’s second year of conception, 2004. In2010, Christopher was commissioned by Providence’s Department of Art Culture and Tourism to write the poem “”Providence Divine to commemorate the city’s 375th birthday. Christopher has slammed on many National Slam teams and competed in five individual world poetry slams never ranking less than top 30. In 2007 Christopher won the spoken word category in the international competition beating out over a thousand poets from around the world for a top prize of $10,000 dollars. Of his most recent accomplishments, Christopher was commissioned by the city of Providence RI, to write the poem for the city celebrating its 375th birthday aa well as commissioned by Brown University to write and perform the inaugural poem of it’s 19th President.