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August 22, 2013

Assembly: Palate — Taste By Design

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Photography by Ana Mallozzi

12 – 1 pm, Contemporary Art Gallery

Part of Locally Made’s One Room.

In Assembly, gather for casual meetings of the minds and unexpected happenings curated by local artists and designers. Congregate for poetry readings, sonic performances, movement, projection, and more.

Liza Burkin curates Palate: Taste by Design from 8/20 - 8/25.
Palate: Taste by Design is a series of moments highlighting the unexpected creative processes behind the delicious local food available in Rhode Island.Liza Burkin

8/22: Corey Stroffolino
I will be demonstrating how art and design is incorporated into the preparing of milk-based espresso beverages. T hen we will have a discussion on “perceived-quality” and “milkscience”: how getting milk and espresso to interact in a way that produces art will actually enhance the way the beverage tastes.Corey Stroffolino

Free with museum admission.

Liza Burkin is a graduate of the School of Journalism and Mass Communications at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. While in between adventures, she is the Communications Associate at the American Camp Association of New England. Liza is freelance writer focusing on sustainable food and the environment. She is also a gardener, music lover, and pedicab rider in Newport.

Corey Stroffolino has lived in Providence for the past 7 years. During his time here he dove headfirst into the service industry, only to find a vibrant and ever-growing culinary scene. Helping serve and manage at some of the city’s favorite spots enabled him to find his home at New Harvest Coffee Roasters. T he primarily, wholesale roaster will be opening up a coffee and spirits shop downtown providence in the historic Arcade building as the city plans for its grand re-opening! Managing this new shop will allow Corey to focus in on his two favorite drinks. The finest of dark beverages. Coffee and whiskey! There is a lot of passion and art that goes into making and then preparing these drinks for consumption. Corey’s wish is to always keep learning and to always keep sharing what he finds.