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Today is February 20, 2017. The museum is closed today.

Spotlight: Humanbeast

August 15, 2013, 4 – 8 pm
Contemporary Art Gallery
  • 08_15 S Armstrong_humanbeast_sm

Photography by Natalja Kent

Part of Locally Made’s One Room.

Spotlight: performance as art, art as performance.

This 4 hour performance will grace the spectrum of total silence to fully realized musical compositions. Activities will mimic this range with minimal physical engagement to total exertion.Humanbeast

Free with museum admission.

Vanity mirror duo Humanbeast are natural shadow summoners. Whether performing durational actions or pop music, their work invariably contains elements of chance and daily ritual. Maralie and Eli have been collaborating for over 15 years in various forms of art and sound.

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