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February 9, 2014

Double Take: Silver Flatware

  • RISDM 2005-118-42 group

Gorham Manufacturing Company, Mythologique Flatware Design Samples, 1894, Gift of Lenox, Incorporated

2 – 2:45 pm, Chace Center Gallery

In the Victorian dining room, the ability to manage dozens of implements, from a pickle fork to an oyster ladle, attested to a diner’s command of complicated social rules. In conjunction with the exhibit, Making It in America, etiquette expert Didi Lorillard joins curator of decorative arts and design, Elizabeth Williams, in reviewing, which fork to use.

Double Take gallery conversations invites specialists from various fields to offer differing views on objects, stimulate thinking about social context, artistic interpretation, and ever-evolving meanings. The next Double Take: Valentine Typewriter is scheduled for Sunday, March 16, 2 pm. Free. No registration required.