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Back Door @ the Pendleton: Shadows

By Aaron Pexa
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Aaron Pexa (RISD MFA 2014, Glass). Back Door @ the Pendleton. Neon with acrylic casing. Courtesy of the artist.

In creating Back Door @ the Pendleton, I relocated meaning from the art object to its context and used humor to alter the atmosphere of the Museum. Pink neon glows with the words PEEP SHOW and ROOMS, tipping the viewer off to the voyeuristic nature of the Pendleton’s format and perhaps encouraging a more lustful appraisal of the home’s contents.

In the 16mm film Back Door @ the Pendleton: Shadows, I use the neon installation and Pendleton House as characters through which I create a narrative about lust for an object and examine how an art piece can extend beyond the limitations of its location.

Aaron Pexa (RISD MFA Glass 2014)
Original score by Denvil Saine
Back Door @ the Pendleton: Shadows
Video (3:41 min.)