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Work in Process: Marisa Marofske

By Rachel Shipps
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Marofske’s cast donuts, primarily plaster and gouache (L), and the original rubber donut dog toy (R).

Arlene Shechet’s exhibition Meissen Recast plays with the idea of molds, the casings that shape an object’s final form. Shechet reinterprets plaster molds by casting them in porcelain and calling attention to their usually unseen details. The process of mold-making and casting invites creative experimentation, but follows rules of precise timing and size.

Taking us through the steps involved in casting objects, Marisa Marofske (RISD BFA Painting, 2014) uses the form of a dog toy to create an array of iconic, colorful donuts.

Read about Marofske’s process on Instructables and explore other objects made with molds on Pinterest.