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Double-and-Add: Angela Bulloch, Anthony McCall, Haroon Mirza

  • RISDM 2011-38

Angela Bulloch, Copper 2, 2011. Richard Brown Baker Fund for Contemporary British Art.

Friday, November 23, 2012 through Sunday, June 30, 2013

Spalter New Media Gallery

Double-and-Add plays on a mathematical term used in binary coding, referencing a computational function found in electronic and digital processing.

The three featured artists—Angela Bulloch, Haroon Mirza, and Anthony McCall—use time-based media (programmed light, sound, and slide projection) to investigate the sensory transmission of information through seemingly immaterial systems such as algorithms, electricity, and RGB-light.

Recent acquisitions by Bulloch (Copper 2, 2011) and Mirza (Pansonic2, 2011) are on view for the first time at the Museum alongside a historical slide projector piece by Anthony McCall (Miniature in Black and White, 1972).

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