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In Production: Graphic designers share their work

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Testing projected graphics for Arlene Shechet: Meissen Recast in the RISD Museum Graphic Design Office

As the RISD Museum hosts the final stop on the tour of Graphic Design: Now in Production, an exhibition that began at the Walker in 2011, we’re starting a series that updates the show by checking in with some of the designers featured in it, to see the work they have been doing since 2010.

Keeping with the show’s themes about curation, we decided that the featured graphic designer would choose the next participant in the series. Opening that choice up to graphic designers that are not part of the exhibition broadens its already far-reaching contents and updates it not just chronologically, but in breadth as well. The series then becomes its own thing, a never-ending record of graphic designers and their work.

We start this series off by introducing our own work. The following is a selection of projects the RISD Museum Graphic Design Department has produced over the last two years.




Fall 13 and Winter/Spring 14 newsletters <br /> Derek Schusterbauer (creative direction), Brendan Campbell (art direction/graphic design), Julie D’Amico (editor)



RISD Museum’s new art journal, "Manual". Sarah Ganz Blythe with Hollis Mickey (editors-in-chief), Derek Schusterbauer (creative direction/graphic design), Colin Frazer (graphic design), Amy Pickworth (editor), Eric Gould (photography)

Exhibition underwriting videos for PBS. Derek Schusterbauer (creative direction), Brendan Campbell (graphic design, animation).



Busboard for "Artist/Rebel/Dandy: Men of Fashion" Museum brand by ProjectProjects Derek Schusterbauer (creative direction/graphic design)




Exhibition graphics for "Arlene Shechet: Meissen Recast" Derek Schusterbauer (creative direction/graphic design)

Warhol Photos

Warhol Screen Test

Exhibition graphics for "Andy Warhol's Photographs" and "Andy Warhol's Screen Tests" Derek Schusterbauer (creative direction), Brendan Campbell (graphic design)




Exhibition graphics for "Historias: Latin American Works on Paper" Brendan Campbell (graphic design)

The graphic designer I would like to choose to hear from next is James Goggin. I have been following James’s work since he was a visiting designer here at RISD in 2007. Since that time, he has designed commissioned work through his studio Practise; gone on to teach at the Werkplatts Typografie in Arnhem, the Netherlands; served as the director of design, publishing, and new media at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago; and now is working primarily through his studio again. He has designed numerous books, art catalogs, and posters, and he teaches, lectures, and writes. His project Dear Lulu is included in Graphic Design: Now in Production and his essay “Practice from Everyday Life: Defining Graphic Design’s Expansive Scope by Its Quotidian Activities” is included in the exhibition catalog. James uses smartly chosen typefaces, bold but simple typography, and often experimental color to make contemporary graphic design rooted in modernism. Stay tuned for James Goggin’s post coming soon.

Brendan Campbell
Assistant Graphic Designer

Derek Schusterbauer
Senior Graphic Designer