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Cross Section #30

  • RISDM 1999-17-3

Jonathan Bonner, Cross Section #30, 1997. Museum purchase: Gift of the Artists’ Development Fund of the RI Foundation.

Artist Questionnaire
Many of the artists included in Locally Made responded to a series of questions about their materials and process. A selected response follows.

Title: Cross Section #30

Media (describe as fully as possible): Oil pigment on paper Windsor Newton chrome green light, applied with painting knife

Location of residence: Providence, Rhode Island

Location of work (studio/office): Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Process: This series started as cross sections of sculpture that I was making at the time. Very quickly I became more interested in what the color and paper were doing to each other. A colored line that is sharp on one side and fuzzy on the other projects the color onto the white paper only on the fuzzy side of the line. This piece is a pure example of that optical phenomenon.

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