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  • PopInk_products

    Critical Encounters with Type, Image and Print

    In response to questions posed by Graphic Design graduate students, designers and innovators debate the past, critique the present, and imagine the future of graphic design.

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  • GD_office_1

    In Production: Graphic designers share their work

    As the RISD Museum hosts the final stop on the tour of Graphic Design: Now in Production, an exhibition that began at the Walker in 2011, we’re starting a series that updates the show by checking in with some of the designers featured in it, to see the work they have been doing since 2010.

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  • grp_shot_03

    The Group Shot

    Setting up a group of objects for a photograph is not the same as setting the table. Museum photographer Erik Gould explains why.

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  • ARD_studio_rain

    Crafting the Photography for the Book Artist/Rebel/Dandy: Men of Fashion

    RISD Museum object photography generally follows typical museum practice: a straightforward approach to framing and lighting with great concern for color fidelity. For Artist/Rebel/Dandy, the curators suggested that we go in a different direction.

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  • Ard Press 4 22 13 059 Edit

    A Dandy Installation

    A time lapse view of the installation of the RISD Museum’s groundbreaking exhibition Artist/Rebel/Dandy: Men of Fashion.

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  • RISDM 2011-38


    In the flood of digital-ness that comprises our daily experience, it can be easy to forget that most of what all of our complex devices are doing is simply counting. It’s no coincidence that the word digital comes from digits, our fingers, that most elementary of counting machines.

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