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  • RISDM 36-015

    Buddha Commemorations

    There’s always more to be discovered: Hidden in plain sight since the 11th century, two inscriptions were found during conservation of the Museum’s Dainichi Buddha.

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  • IMG_1312

    Tracing the Silver Seaweed

    Isabella McCormick (Brown/RISD 2015) explores the intricacies of the Gorham Narragansett Salad Set and their reflections on Rhode Island culture, insights gained from her meticulous cleaning of the utensils as part of her Mellon Summer Internship in conservation.

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  • Amenhotep - Face

    Sandstone Statue of Amenhotep

    Cleaning an object can be as much about discovery as it is about removing accumulated dust and grime.

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  • RISDM 36-015 conservation drawing v_16

    The Buddha Project: Documentation

    While the sixth-floor galleries are undergoing an extensive renovation, the Museum is carefully studying and conducting conservation work on the monumental 12th-century wooden Dainichi Nyorai Buddha. When the Buddha is returned to its gallery in late spring 2014, it will be stabilized and we’ll know much more about the art that went into creating this nearly 10-foot-tall sculpture.

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