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    Objects Tell Stories

    The Andrew W. Mellon Summer Internship Program provides an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to work on significant projects at the RISD Museum. The goal of the program is to provide an overview of museum functions as well as in-depth experience in conservation, curatorial, education, marketing, or publication departments. Several interns have shared their reflections on the experience.

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    Drawing from the Collection

    Painting student Davis Lloyd recollects stumbling across an unlikely source of inspiration, and connection between ancient art and contemporary painting.

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    Kicking the Bucket in Ancient Etruria

    Why is an Etruscan situla, or pail, one of the most important objects in RISD’s ancient collection? We examine its form, decoration, and context to understand its unique place in European archaeology.

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    What Comes Down Must Go Back Up: Reinstalling RISD's Chihuly Chandelier

    Safely stored away during gallery renovations, all 196 pieces of RISD’s Gilded Frost and Jet Chandelier by Dale Chihuly have been expertly reinstalled.

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    Jade Lithophone with Dragon Decoration

    A jade lithophone from 18th-century China offers insight to the significant role of ritual music in ancient China—as an essential part of state rite to assert the legitimacy of reign.

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