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  • RISDM 55-169-1

    Live from RISD: It's the Meissen Monkey Band

    Knowing the exact opera depicted on the Meissen stand leads to the next question: could the musical notes depicted actually be played?

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  • RISDM 56-097 v_02

    Looking an Empress in the Eye

    A portrait often raises questions, first among which is: who is portrayed? Join curator Gina Borromeo as she considers a portrait of a Roman empress.

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  • RISDM 2000-82 v_01

    Abstracting Ancient Egypt

    By studying an abstracted female figure from 3000 BCE, what can we learn about ancient Egyptians? What can we learn about ourselves? What about abstraction provides more insight than a complete visual representation?

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  • RISDM 2011-30 v_28

    Collaboration and the Late-Medieval Book

    Books of hours made during the late Middle Ages and Renaissance were products of collaboration between scribes, illuminators, bookbinders, and, sometimes, the original patron or owner. A recent acquisition of a French book of hours made in Rouen around 1510 tells the story of this collaboration through the structure of its contents, iconography, and assembly.

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  • RISDM 38-206 det

    Mummy's Boy

    Over the last 2,000 years, Nesmin has been a priest, a mummy, and a museum exhibit. A RISD Museum intern discusses his influence in his life.

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