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  • BL book cover

    Catalog for Brilliant Line

    Renaissance engravings are objects of exquisite beauty and incomparable intricacy that are composed entirely of lines. Artists began using this intaglio process in Europe as early as 1430. This captivating catalogue focuses on the height of the medium, from 1480 to 1650, when engravers made dramatic and rapid visual changes to engraving technique as they responded to the demands of reproducing artworks in other media.


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  • americainview_2013

    Catalog for America in View

    A broad panorama of our country’s topographies and correlating narratives, America in View reveals a nation’s ambitions and failings, beauty and loss, politics and personal stories through about 150 photographs spanning nearly 150 years.


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  • RISDM 2008-18

    Analysis of Early Modern Engravers

    Explore how Early Modern engravers worked within established line systems and also diverged from them through an analysis by Andrew Raftery.

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