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Simone Pignoni

Judith (formerly thought to be Lucretia), 17th century

Wang Gai

Orchids, Butterfly, and Rock (Jiezi yuan hua zhuan), possibly printed in 1701

Hasegawa Tōun

Eight Views of the Xiao and Xiang Rivers with Chinese and Japanese Poems, 1695
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Wilhelm Blaeu

Tertia pars - Brabantiae qua continetur Marchionat.S.R.I. horum urbs primaria Antuerpia, 1663
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Wilhelm Blaeu

Secunda pars - Brabantiae cuius urbs primaria Bruxellae, 1663
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Wilhelm Blaeu

Quarta pars - Brabantiae cujus caput Sylvaducis, 1663
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Vincenzo Aloja

Recueil Des Vues les plus agreables de Naples et de ses environs, 1804-1806