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Thomas Potts

Designs for Curtain Pins, Curtain Poles, Drawer Handles, Knob Cupboard Turns, Bed Caps, Clock Pins, Doorknobs, etc.

Odilon Redon

A Mask sounds the funeral knell (Un Masque Sonne le Glas Funebre), 1882

Hasegawa Tōun

Eight Views of the Xiao and Xiang Rivers with Chinese and Japanese Poems, 1695

Odilon Redon

Devant Le Noir Soleil de la Mélancolie, Lénore Apparait, 1882

Odilon Redon

The Eye Like a Strange Balloon Moves Toward Infinity (L'Oeil, comme un ballon bizarre se dirige vers l'infini), 1882

Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes

Disparate volante (Flying Folly) / Reniego al amigo que cubre con las alas y muerde con el pico (Renounce the friend who covers you with his wings and bites you with his beak), 1816 - 1824 (printed 1864)