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Manuscript and Covers, 1800s
RISDM 31-408 v_01.jpg

Sakai Hōitsu

Ōson’s Picture Album: A Book of Pictures by Priest Hōitsu of Universal Phenomena, 1807

Shun'yōsai Shunshi

Scrapbook album of Onoe Tamizô II of Osaka (nidai Onoe Tamizô) (1799-1886), mid 1820's

Samuel Prout

Covered Wagon with Soldiers, Antwerp, late 1700s - mid 1800s
RISDM 62-040b.jpg

Paul Troger

Figures around Covered Urn (Apollo and Daphne?), late 1600s - mid 1700s
RISDM 49-154.jpg

Jules Chéret

Book Cover for Graine d'horizontales by Jean Passe, 1886

Katsushika Hokusai

Cover design for Isobe's illustrated book Snow-blown Chains of Fate (Hana fubuki en no shigarami), published spring 1832
RISDM 2015-84 pg_01.jpg

Tia Blassingame

Settled: African American Sediment or Constant Middle Passage, 2015