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James Tissot

How Happy I Could Be With Either (Entre Les Deux Mon Coeur Balance), 1877
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Lee Miller

Untitled (Happy New Year to Pamgrecy Family), 1900s
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Lee Miller

Untitled (Happy New Year to all...), 1900s

Yan Han

Immigrants Establish Their Happy New Homes, 1945
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Unknown artist

Woodbine-Arbor; or the Little Gardeners, a story of a Happy Childhood
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Unknown artist

Dean's Delightful Picture Book of Plain Pictures, for Happy Hours, ca 1860
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Marcus Behmer

Martin Birnbaum Wishes You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, 1922
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Anthony Burrill

Oil & Water Do Not Mix, conceived and produced in collaboration with Happiness, Brussels, 2010
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Beau Gardner

Have You Ever Seen? An ABC Book, 1986
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William Steig

Happy, Undeserving A- Wretched, Meritorious B, n.d.