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Carle Vernet, designer

Imprimerie Lithographique de F. Delpech (The print shop of François Delpech), ca. 1820
RISDM 53-304-14.jpg

Lothar Schreyer

Color Form 2 from Stage Production: Death of a Child (Farbform 2 aus Bühnenwerk: Kindsterben), 1921

Otto Morach

A. Welti-Furrer AG, Taxameter (A. Welti-Furrer Co., Taxameter), ca. 1926

Honoré Daumier

Lovers of Classical Art Are Ever More Convinced That the Cause of the Arts in France Is Doomed (Amateurs Classiques de Plus en Plus Convaincus Que l'Art Est Perdu en France), 1800s
RISDM 20-501 front.jpg

Eugène Delacroix

Leaf from a Sketchbook (Studies for lithographs of ancient coins), ca. 1820
RISDM 66-084.jpg

Auguste Raffet

The Typhus Fever in Mayence (Le Typhus à Mayence), ca. 1827

Edward Lear

“The tree, stands in the sun, and shadows all beneath,” Calcutta, India, after 1878

Honoré Daumier, printmaker

This Is Where the Lecture of the Constitutionnel Might Take You! (Où Peut Conduire La Lecture du Constitutionnel!), 1845