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William Hoare

Portrait of Philip Dormer Stanhope, Fourth Earl of Chesterfield, K. G., ca. 1742
RISDM 66-320-55.jpg

Nicolaes Lauwers

Portrait of Frai Lelio Brancacci, Marques de Monte Silva, early 1600s - mid 1600s
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Honoré Daumier

One of These Days You Have to Make My Portrait in This Style (Faudra Que Je Vous Fasse Faire Un Jour Mon Portrait Dans Ce Genre Là), 1848
RISDM 2002-120-1.jpg

Andy Warhol

Untitled (Charles Sheeler Painting "Yankee Clipper" ), 1969

Hyacinthe Rigaud

Portrait of Louis of France, The Grand Dauphin (1661-1711), ca. 1697-1721
RISDM 45-191-8.jpg

Pieter de Jode II

Portrait of Beatrice de Cusance, Princess of Cantecroix, early 1600s - mid 1600s

Hieronymus Wierix

Portrait of Catherine-Henriette de Balzac Dentraigues, Marquise of Verneuil, 1600
RISDM 2015-136-26.jpg

Penelope Umbrico

Details from Sunset Portraits (from 9,539,955 Flickr Sunset Pictures 8/8/11), 2011