Attack on Capitol and Racial Violence

Response on MLK Day

This MLK day is a stark reminder of the hypocrisy and pathological racism that has been condoned in this nation on both systemic and individual levels for centuries. The attack on the Capitol by violent white supremacists, the ease with which it happened, and the lack of adequate response during its execution, illustrated what many disenfranchised and people of color know: that inequality is embedded in the fabric of this nation.

Today, we honor Martin Luther King Jr. and the many activists who devoted their lives- and whose lives were taken- in their fight for a true democracy where every voice is heard and every voice matters. However, it is not enough to merely honor in words. 

The perpetrators of this attempted coup must be brought to justice. The president of the United States, corporations, elected officials who all supported and stoked the fires of hate and fascism must be brought to justice. 

If there should be any sort of reckoning or a semblance of change, it requires courage, honesty and truth-telling. These are the values we must celebrate and continue to uphold in the name of democracy, in the name of the people, and in memory of Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.