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  • Chazans' Choice: Gifts of Contemporary Art to the RISD Museum

    Prints, Drawings, and Photographs

    February 11 –April 24, 2005

  • For more than twenty-five years, Helene and Joseph A. Chazan have been closely involved with the contemporary art scene in Rhode Island. The Chazans have filled their homes with furniture, paintings, prints, photographs, sculpture, ceramics, and glass. Most of these objects were created by artists who live and work here. The Chazans have developed not only a passion for art, but also a gift for forming relationships with artists, both of which have greatly enriched their lives.

    Since 1985, the Chazans have donated more than 200 works of art to The RISD Museum. Their gifts to the permanent collection demonstrate exemplary commitment and generosity to this institution; to the artists whose works they have collected; and to the public, who can now experience the pleasure of viewing these objects. This exhibition highlights some 50 pieces created by 33 artists and spans several decades of artistic activity.

    Helene and Joe Chazan understand how art and artists contribute profoundly to the quality of life in a community. It is our hope that the Chazans’ enthusiasm for contemporary art and design and their engagement and support of the regional arts community will inspire the current generation of Southern New Englanders and those to come.

    All artworks are gifts of Dr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Chazan, unless otherwise noted.

Selected objects from Chazans' Choice: Gifts of Contemporary Art to the RISD Museum