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Art & Design

  • Island Nations: New Art from Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico

    Contemporary Art

    October 29, 2004 – January 20, 2005

  • The rich ties that bind Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico are as complex as the stark differences between their respective societies. Foreigners, however, still tend to think of the Caribbean in terms of a secluded tropical paradise. To defy this overly simplified view, many works featured in the exhibition contrast the islands’ stunning natural beauty with their often difficult economic and political situations. Others take on the theme of isolation either by underscoring the greater connectedness of this age of global communication or by pointing out its political rather than geographic causes. A third, related issue involves those who move between several nations and the complicated relationships between those who have emigrated and those who have stayed in their country of origin.The influence of these island nations continues to spread far beyond their borders. Rather than representing the region in its entirety, this exhibition offers personal reflections that may be seen, heard, and felt.

    Architecture/Dreams/Memory Architecture exerts a strong but largely subconscious influence on our perceptions and emotions. The artists featured in this gallery explore the intimate relationships between an individual’s memories and his/her built surroundings, as well as the ways in which architectural environments may reflect or express our collective dreams and visions for society. La arquitectura expresa una influencia grande pero subconsciente sobre todo loque percibimos y sentimos. Los artistas incluidos en esta galería exploran lasrelaciones íntimas entre nuestras memorias individuales y el ambiente construida que nos rodea, así como la forma en que los ambientes arquitectónicos pueden reflejar o expresarsueños y visiones colectivas para la sociedad.

Selected objects from Island Nations: New Art from Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico