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Today is June 19, 2018. Open today 10 am–5 pm

Day With(out) Art Screening: Compulsive Practice

December 1, 2016, 12 – 1 pm
Metcalf Auditorium
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Filmmaker and COMPULSIVE PRACTICE co-curator Jean Carlomusto in her video archives preparing Day With(out) Art 2016.

To mark a Day With(out) Art, view Compulsive Practice, a compilation of video clips form nine artists and activists deeply affected by HIV/AIDS, who live with their cameras, documenting their daily, habitual video practices. Participating artists include James Wentzy, Nelson Sullivan (1948-1989), Ray Navarro (1964-1990), Carol Leigh/Scarlot Harlot, Juanita Mohammed, Luna Luis Ortiz, Mark S King, Justin B Terry-Smith, and the Southern AIDS Living Quilt. Compulsive AIDS video serves many purposes—cure, treatment, outlet, lament, documentation, communication—and has many tones—obsessive, driven, poetic, neurotic, celebratory. All of the selected artists share a use of this changing technology as a part of a deeply inscribed, thoughtful, ongoing, communicative AIDS practice. (2016, 60 min.)


Day Without Art began on December 1, 1989 as the national day of action and mourning in response to the AIDS crisis. This international recognition continues through the work of Visual AIDS. Founded in 1988, Visual AIDS is an arts organization committed to raising awareness and creating dialogue about HIV by producing and presenting project, exhibitions, public forums, and publications while assisting artists living with HIV/AIDS.

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