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The museum is closed today.


Today is October 23, 2017. The museum is closed today.

Super Art Sunday

March 26, 2017, 10 am – 4 pm
Museum Galleries

Join us for a day of special family friendly activities. Get the entire family looking, thinking, and making together.


Comic Quest, Intermission. 11 am-4 pm
Create an illustrated story using the paintings in Intermission as inspiration and let your imagination run wild!

Everyday Awards, Danforth Hall, 11 am-4 pm
Art can and has been used to memorialize people throughout history. Who is an important figure in your life or in the world that hasn’t been recognized? Create your own personalized silkscreen for an award worthy person in your life.

Glowing Garments, Fain Gallery, 11 am-4 pm
Create accessories and other wearables using materials that shimmer and shine. Harness the power to make and the power to wear!


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