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Today is May 26, 2018. Open today 10 am–5 pm

Community Music Works Presents: Ars Subtilior Cormier Fest

October 21, 2017, 11 am – 4 pm
Grand Gallery
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CMW Musicians performing in RISD Museum’s Asian Galleries

This day-long event features several performances of the work of Andre Cormier. These include works based on the epic poem Conversations by Acadian writer Herménégilde Chiasson (with guest soprano Andrea Young), a performance of Libellules (Dragonflies) by CMW Phase II students and Microbes performed by the MusicWorks Collective. The performance is part of the Ars Subtilior concert series, arranged by Community MusicWorks Resident musician Laura Cetelia, which focuses on subtlety in experimental music.

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