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Today is October 16, 2017. The museum is closed today.

Assembly: Inside Voices

July 30, 2013, 12 – 1 pm
Contemporary Art Gallery
  • 07_30 A Plavin - siannabaloons
  • 07_30 A Ketten - 4
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Photography by Sianna Plavin

Part of Locally Made’s One Room.

In Assembly, gather for casual meetings of the minds and unexpected happenings curated by local artists and designers. Congregate for poetry readings, sonic performances, movement, projection, and more.

Jori Ketten curates Inside Voices from 7/30 - 8/4.
Set down what you carry. Lower your voice, raise your attention. Join these artists, selected for their practice as world-makers, as they take you on sensory excursions inside their environments. Gentle and sure, grounded and experimental, curious and complicated – each day will bring new experiences of gravity and wonder.Jori Ketten

7/30: Sianna Plavin with Fay Strongin
This assembly is rooted in a story put to song. It will toy with the impact of intricacies. It will wrap you up in a warm blanket. It will stimulate your senses. It will be magical.Sianna Plavin

Free with museum admission.

Jori Ketten is a founder and curator of 186 Carpenter, a storefront and office space that presents arts programming and current events. A printmaker and bass drum player in the 20+ person brass/punk band the What Cheer? Brigade, she also currently directs the Media Lab at Community MusicWorks, helps young people reflect on their learning through photography and video projects, and cocoordinates Providence Provision, the Providence HONK Festival, and workers’ rights campaign

Sianna Plavin is a musician, farmer and aspiring midwife. Her subjects of artistic interest tend to revolve around wildness, storytelling, the ever shifting spaces between things, and things that have made her sad. She makes music because she loves the physical sensation of words traveling through her body. Words sung taste different. For her, the pleasure of playing music stems mostly not from writing songs but from the exhilarating freedom of exploring the flexible spaces within each song once it has become its own landscape. A pause or a bend in a note has to power to radically change the story. A single note can feel as though it is spanning a cavern or tripping over its own feet. This exploration is necessarily shaped by the audience. She strives for her songs to push and pull at our guts, our fingers, our eyelids — to create a physical conversation with sound.

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