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Today is October 24, 2017. Open today 10 am–5 pm

PCFF Short Films

December 1, 2013, 11 am – 12 pm
Metcalf Auditorium
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Enjoy a program of short films for families presented by the Providence Children’s Film Festival. Free.

Film Short Schedule

The Light (7:14, Japan - 2011)
A beautifully animated, award winning film is about the developing relationship of a deteriorating street light and a flower below it.

Goldfish Love (14:09, USA/Finland - 2011)
A whimsical short story about a French accented pet goldfish (with an attitude) named Gandhi, who longs to swim in the open sea.

Duct Tape Surfing (4:40, Australia – 2013)
A short documentary of a woman who is paralyzed below the waist after a car accident. Believing her surfing days are behind her until one day a friend suggests taping her to his back…

Scared is Scared (8 mins, USA - 2013)
Director Biana Giaever asked a 6 year old boy what her final college film project should be about. The boy’s response begins like a child with a short attention span but soon he reveals himself to be wise beyond his years.

My First Spellbook (10:33, United Kingdom - 2011)
Some girls dream of being a princess… others to be a witch. When a spell book arrives into the school library this girl’s dream is realized… or is it a nightmare?!

Young(ish) (6:35, USA - 2012)
Sometimes it takes a film like this one to remind you that EVERYONE was a kid at one time. By all appearances you would think this elderly couple desires nothing more than a good bench to sit on in the park. Little do the kids know they want the playground PIRATE SHIP!!

My Strange Grandfather (8:46, Russia – 2011)
A young girl is puzzled, even annoyed, by her Grandfather’s habit of collecting junk until she witnesses what he creates with it.

Azza (16:30, Netherlands - 2012)
This documentary is about a 13 year old girl who is questioning whether or not to wear a head scarf according to her family’s Islamic traditions.

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